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San Francisco - "The City" and  Marin County

Bridge to Paradise

size: 60x36

(featured in May 2014  issue  of Marin Magazine as one of the cover contest winners)

Early to rise -

SF Earthquake 1906

size: 36x48
Glass Beach, California
size: 48x48

close up

   Light Pole # 69 -

  no more reflection


           size : 12 x 16

In memory of all the lost souls who lost their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge

SF Skyline

size: 24x48

The City

size: 30x24

click  on picture

View of Paradise

size: 12x36

A 1000 Trips   II

size: 60x20

Memories 2

(Rodeo Beach<CA)   

size 30x40


Sausalito at dawn


Memories 1   

size 20x60

A visit to the City  II
City  Trip

size: 30x40

To the ocean I go to lose my mind and find my soul
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