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​Yvonne d. Graham is a Bay Area artist, who brings together modern, abstract, and an almost art deco-like feel to her pieces. She pioneers an acrylic-based mixed media style with light-reactive accents like rhinestones, mirrors, and glass. Her works portray a variety of subjects, from the abstract to the San Francisco skyline, from fantastical trees to her well-known dramatic peacocks.

Painting is Yvonne's way to enter a magical world and relieve emotions, which in turn brings her to a calmer state of mind. To visualize this, she uses glass mirrors or other visual striking objects to create an invisible door, which lets the viewer dive into this magical wonderland of art. The vivid colors in her paintings express and reveil the emotions behind each subject. Each project involves a range of different media arranged in a way to express harmony combined with a desire for beauty.


Even though she's been drawing and sketching for many years, she began painting in earnest in 2005 after buying some acrylic paints on a whim. Ever since, the process of expressing her emotions with brushstrokes of color has struck her as magical. This brought Yvonne to a whole new level of her work. Since then, almost eschewing drawing entirely, she has dedicated herself to painting.  She strives to explore the boundaries of acrylic painting and continues developing her own style of mixed media. Her projects usually start out with emotions followed by sketches to transform them into a painting. While developing these pieces, new ideas arise, and the end product often looks very different from the original sketch.




Los Gatos Art Association:

WORKS San Jose California Art and Performance Center  for  Artists

Triton Museum of Art

Marin Open Studios





2010 - present

2010 - present

Artist's Progress

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